Cooperation partners

Whom we trust…

If, by chance, we are not able to help our clients, we know who can – and we do not hesitate to make use of external expertise after consulting our clients; after all, optimum results always take priority over personal vanity.

In these cases, we have a longstanding established network of cooperation partners to fall back on, including attorneys-at-law, tax accountants and auditors, both in Germany and abroad. In addition, we have excellent ties to universities and, if the need arises, we are able to consult renowned experts.

Even when calling on the advice of our cooperation partners, we endeavour to offer our clients legal advice from a single source by taking over the entire coordination and communication process for them, thus remaining their accustomed point of contact.

At the request of our clients, we shall be happy of course to cooperate with their own consultants, in particular their tax accountants and auditors.